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JL-100II Soft Gelatin Encapsulation Machine
Brife Introduction
JL-100II soft gelatin encapsulation machine is specially designed for small production and laboratory new products development. It is popular for the compact structure and small floor space and easy operation. This soft gelatin encapsulation machine is more suitable for factories just started in softgel products.
Detailed explanation of each part of the JL-100II soft gelatin encapsulation machine.
1. JL-100II soft gelatin encapsulation machine Hopper: The hopper has two layers—inner layer is SS316 material, and outer layer is filled with oil which is used as medium for heating medicine inside hopper. The hopper is equipped with mixer to mix the medicine and level sensor to give signal to supply material from pressurized tank automatically.
2. JL-100II soft gelatin encapsulation machine Medicine Pump: This small machine has only 3 plungers on each side of the pump, but the precision of the plungers and sliding valve are very high, which makes the packing volume of capsule accurate.
3. JL-100II soft gelatin encapsulation machine Die Roller Area: The die roller size of this machine is dia.80X100mm, it is made of high quality air craft grade aluminum alloy and has been anodized, so that the anti corrosion of the die roller is very good.
4. JL-100II soft gelatin encapsulation machine Spreader Boxes: The material of these spreader boxes is cooper, so the heat conductivity is very good; There are liquid level sensors installed on top of the spreader boxes, and they will work together with pinch valves, when level comes up to the certain height, sensors will give signal to pinch valve to open to supply gelatin liquid from gelatin service tank. So that soft gelatin encapsulation machine can realize gelatin supplying automatically
5. JL-100II soft gelatin encapsulation machine Micro-lubricating Oil Roller: The material of these oil rollers is teflon and there are many holes on the roller, so that the lubricating oil can come out from holes and not easy to block. There are oil quantity regulating valves to control oil quantity.
6. JL-100II soft gelatin encapsulation machine Casting Drum: They are made of SS316 material and very smooth on the surface and there is anti freezing liquid filled inside to cool down the casting drum and we use air conditioner to control temperature of the anti freezing liquid and there are one cooling fan installed under each casting drum.
7. JL-100II soft gelatin encapsulation machine capsule Transporting Way: Standard transporting way is to use hopper and blower, but client can choose to conveyor to transport capsules from softgel machine to tumble dryer.

8. JL-100II soft gelatin encapsulation machine Control Method: PLC and touch screen. Our PLC and touch screen are Siemens brand.wholesale Softgel Encapsulation Machine
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