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Rapid Tone Diet With the rapid loss of weight, taking the exceptions, it is possible to tune the face initially, the belly will become less pointed, after that, it will decrease the amount of fat in the buttocks, culottes and finally the belly and arms. Is it important to evaluate what you're missing out on: fat, fluid or lean body mass? The interesting thing is to lose only excess fat and fluid in the body. For this, it is important a diet and exercises appropriate to you. So you will maintain and create lean mass that will promote strength and beautiful muscles. First check up A checkup is important mainly to diagnose fundamental aspects of your health like: conditions of your joints, diabetes, cholesterol, high blood pressure, absorption of vitamins. And one of the factors that prevent weight loss is thyroid malfunction. So a check up with clinical and blood exams with health professional. This will show you important facts that have influenced your weight loss and the following diet. Exercise to achieve weight loss To lose weight in a week and still 10 kg you should seek besides the diet a physical activity to work the muscles. Special exercise for weight loss is the cardio, like: run, walk, step, that is, move fast. For more flexibility, stretch and massage your body every day. Massage and stretches do the physical preparation, improves blood flow to the proper areas of the body, so the fat will burn a little faster. Drink water all day. Moisturizing is critical to the functioning of the body. To lose weight your body needs to be working well and in fast mode of burning of calories, for this it is necessary to drink 2 to 5 liters of water per day preferably 6 times or more per day. Also hydrate through: coconut water, soups, vegetables, leaves, teas, juices (important to avoid concentrated juices, calories, sugar, preservatives and sodium) Weight loss with health is more than losing weight fast. It is also among other things keeping weight off, so it is important to seek something more than a fast diet is necessary in the long run and still lifestyle change. Changing your lifestyle and losing weight is a difficult task, most people regain weight or give up halfway, so look for something more complete that can support your weight loss plan before, during and after.