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This week was Adam Kennedy. Who noticed?"PregameAngels PostgameGamethreadsHalos Heaven PodcastsShohei OhtaniMinor LeaguesInterviewsHALOLINKSWeekEnd HaloLinks: Down to the last 2 weeksNew http://www.yankeesfanproshop.com/authen ... ton-jersey ,114commentsThis week was Adam Kennedy. Who noticed?PSTShareTweetShareShareWeekEnd HaloLinks: Down to the last 2 weeksThe 2018 season officially came to an end on October 28th. The very first team to have pitchers and catchers report in 2019 will be the Oakland A’s, with a date of February 10th. Between those two dates are 105 days. As of today, we are at Day 90.All this to show that Bryce Harper and Manny Machado have burned through 86% of the offseason without making up their minds. Even if they both sign today, it leaves guys such as Josh Harrison with only 14% of the negotiating season to get teams to spin up and engage in negotiations and compete for services. What media outlet will be the first to blame Team HarpChado for costing their union peers, guys like Harrison, real money? My prediction: not a single one of them.Back to the Stirrups Grand Promotional Overhaul PlanIDEA ,2# MONDAYS:As I stated yesterday, a fundamental tenet of my plan is to have a regular cadence upon which the fan base can understand and plan around, without having to pore over web pages all the time. So yesterday was First Fridays!, which claimed the first Friday home game of the month for one special trinket giveaway concept. That was to catch up with an idea that the Angels actually did roll out last year but do not appear to be repeating.As an outline (without diving deep into each at this time), my cadence would be to keep the MLB tradition of Family Day on Sundays, and add Appreciation Night on Mondays, Tech Tuesdays, World Day Wednesdays. Monday through Wednesday tend to be lower attendance games and something consistent for those, with something consistent AND cool in the mix Sonny Gray Jersey , can create a nice tradition around early week night games.Wednesdays and Thursdays are more difficult, since those (along with Sunday late afternoons) tend to be the travel days for going back out onto the road (unless the first stop is just a couple of hours away). I’ll get to Wednesdays and Thursdays later. Let’s start with Appreciation Monday.This is a promo, not a giveaway. There are 8 Monday home games this season, all of which are 7:07 PM start times. 8 is a nice number. It lines up perfectly with (1) police officers, (2) fire & rescue, (3) military, (4) public education, (5) emergency medical, (6) disaster relief, (7) volunteer service organizations, and (8) individual community heroes. Each night would focus on celebrating each service. A pre-game honoree, ceremonial first pitch, 7th-inning stretch event, jumbotron recognitions, and a super-steep group ticket/meal package discounts (ie. your military discount grants you up to 4 package tickets for upper deck seating plus food 7 beverage for $10 each or something). Mondays are Appreciation Night.-HaloLinks:A Little Bit Of Angels NewsLots of Ohtani coverage at the Honda Center. We lead with Shohei and company arriving.....Shohei pre-game.....Shohei hanging in the clubhouse.....Shohei watching warmups.....Shohei announcing opening lineups..........Shohei in his Ducks/Halos jersey mashup during the ceremonial puck drop............Shohei autographing his mashup jersey for charity....And Shohei reminding Arte that he wants to play in the World Series..........Oh Luis Severino Jersey , hell to the YES. Except for the fact that Mike’s WAR remains stalled each winter, looking at his stats pages makes for jaw-dropping Trout porn. That factoid #5, about career OPS+, let me save you the clickage. Mike’s career OPS+ starting with his 2011 season would be:To place that into historical context, here in the MLB career leaderboard..........(Note: The reason that Trout is currently 9th on the all-time career OPS+ list, and not 8th, is because of Barry Bonds. Before his PEDs era, Barry Bonds was at a career OPS+ of 163 (from 1986 through 1999). His career AFTER he started to juice, beginning in 2000 at the otherwise declining athletic age of 35, Bonds had an OPS+ of 221 (from 2000 through 2007). That 8-year span of OPS+ is the equal of Babe Ruth from 1920 through 1927, when Ruth was 25 to 32 years of age. This means that Barry Bonds, from the age of 35 through the age of 42, was the equal of none other than Babe Ruth himself, but Babe Ruth required his athletic prime to equal Bonds. That’s how Bonds ends up with that overall career total OPS+ of 182. But, yeah sure http://www.yankeesfanproshop.com/authen ... ton-jersey , there are still those who believe that it was all about MLB expansion, and new stadiums, and that steroids don’t improve batting.)..........But let’s get back to Mike. Bill James explains that Trout is already the 6th-most likely HoF player active in all of MLB. That means that there are only 5 other active players who have entire careers worth of work product that surpasses what Trout has done already. Mike Trout is 27 years old, having only just walked through the door into his prime years. To put that into context, the AVERAGE current age of the last 3 Rookies of the Year in both Leagues is just a hair under 24.............The Angels are losing one of their minor league educators to the Marlins..........Of all these top-drawing MLB teams, my guess is that Arte keeps the Angels as the best value by a wide margin. Notice also that three of those top 6 play in 3 of the 4 oldest stadiums in MLB. Think about that for a while.........If Matt Harvey is “fixable”, this guy might have the “fix”..........Everywhere In BaseballWell, now, this is just brilliant. Here, in 2018, MLBPA boss Tony Clark is just now realizing that if he does not align his membership and negotiators in time to properly strategize that they might negotiate the 2016 Collective Bargaining Agreement, the union will be in a very shitty economic position versus ownership starting in the 2017 off-season. That’s leadership personified, right there, people...........In yet another move of extraordinary greed and aggression, MLB is officially lobbying Arizona State Legislators to pass a bill circumventing a publicly enacted ballot measure to guarantee minimum wages to all employees. MLB wants the Minor League invitees to Cactus League camps to continue showing up as volunteers for an entire month. Which will probably save each franchise about the same amount of money as is spent on owners meals during the season. Seriously Aaron Judge Jersey , MLB wants their Minor League prospects to be categorized as equivalent to neighborhood teenagers babysitting for parents who are on date night. That really is the AZ statute exemption MLB is trying to invoke..........That 10-day DL thing? Not so good. MLB looking to move it back to 15 days. Hey, it saves money, too!..........How do Barry Bonds and Roger Clemens get voted into the Hall of Fame? home? (jk. person-to-person meetings an game day events in stadium are part of the gig.)..........Oh, swell. MLB - via their own media outlet MLB.com - is encouraging an upcoming season of chippy baseball..........But if you watch MLB on any video device manufactured by Panasonic, that’s OK. You won’t get to see any of that chippiness, as MLB.TV just pulled the plug on you..........Tee hee hee! Mallex Smith has moved from the Tampa Bay Rays to the Seattle Mariners. In his first presser he was asked what he looks forward to the most? “People in the stands!” he says. Somebody needs to inform young Mallex that the Mariners have announced to the people who would normally come and sit in the stands that they are in full tank mode, and few of those people are expected to keep showing up for the next few years........... LOS ANGELES (AP) — Cody Bellinger is leading off for the Dodgers in Game 5 of the NL Championship Series on Wednesday, hours after his game-winning single pulled Los Angeles into a 2-all tie with Milwaukee in the best-of-seven series.Bellinger singled home the winning run with two outs in the 13th inning of a 2-1 victory Tuesday night that lasted more than five hours. The Dodgers primarily have been using Chris Taylor in the leadoff spot.Manager Dave Roberts said he made the change to “shake things up” and because he likes Bellinger’s at-bats against Brewers left-handed starter Wade Miley.Bellinger started Games 1 and 3 and entered as a pinch-hitter in the sixth inning of Game 4.Max Muncy is starting at second base and hitting fifth for the Dodgers. Austin Barnes is starting at catcher for the second straight game while Yasmani Grandal continues to struggle.The Brewers are starting Hernan Perez at second base, his first start since Game 1 of the series. He will hit fifth.Erik Kratz is back starting at catcher and hitting seventh. He started Games 2 and 3 and came off the bench in the 11th inning on Tuesday for Milwaukee.In another move, the Brewers added right-hander Zach Davies to the NLCS roster, replacing Gio Gonzalez, who left Game 4 with a high left ankle sprain.That means if the Brewers make it to the World Series, Gonzalez cannot be on the roster since a player replaced due to injury in one series is required to sit out the next one.Davies wasn’t on the roster for the NL Division Series. He had a 2-7 record and 4.77 ERA in 13 starts during the regular season.The series shifts back to Milwaukee for Game 6 on Friday.