Magnet supplying machine

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Marka: Chevrolet
Gads: 1962
Ātrumkārba: Automāts
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13.08.2019, 04:31

Product Brief:
Automatic magnet machine is a brand new automatic equipment which develop independently combined with technology of products introduce from Italy Peroni company. Adopt servo control system for accurate positioning, accomplish hole milling, gluing, installing magnet process automatically. With high efficiency, high precision, automatic collection. Effectively improve the domestic traditional magnet installation process. Applicable to book-shape boxes, folders, gift boxes and other products which is need magnet assembly.

Application:Cardboard box ,hard book cover, box lid,etc
Function : automatic feeding part, milling and cleaning part, automatic magnet installation and glue part

Technical parameters:
Material width 100-400mm
Material length200-700mm
Material thickness1.5-4mm
Magnet thicknessStandard diameter 9.5mm
(it choose by the customer requirement)
Speed 30PC/Min
Cardboard thickness of milling1-2mm
Glue systemGlue system with hot glue
Power 4.5+2.0KW
Machine dimension4560*1150*1300mm
Standard assemble parts of SLC-850:the brand of parts can be changed with according to the customer’s requirement
1. Air cylinder of “AirTAC”brand
2. PLC of “OMRON” brand
3. Servo motor of “Panasonic” brand
4. Glue system of “Jingtai” brand
5. Inverter of “Hailipu” brandMagnet supplying machine