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Pievienojies: 07.02.2016, 00:37
Marka: Subaru
Modelis: Impreza
Gads: 1998
Motora tilpums: 2,0T
Ātrumkārba: Manuāla
Dzinēja tips: Benzīns
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07.02.2016, 00:38

We would like to introduce you RALLYSHOP.EE. It’s a great webcatalogue from Estonia where you can find wide variety of racing equipment – products for the driver, codriver and of course wide selection for the car. We can supply you with FIA helmets, suits, gloves, boots etc and also with specific parts like gearbox, differential, racing seats, harnesses, suspensions etc. Please feel free to discover our product range: http://www.rallyshop.ee and don’t forget to like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rallyshopee/

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