Let’s Start Our Journey of Nike Air conditioning Cushion.


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Izvērst skatījumu Tēmas apskats: Let’s Start Our Journey of Nike Air conditioning Cushion.

Let’s Start Our Journey of Nike Air conditioning Cushion.

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nike trainers for men uk Air Max was started in 1994, with a form of the U-shaped, and developed into multi-sealed chamber Air Max and the trachea-shaped Tube Max Weather. It had a multi-interval, several pressures, low pressure zoom pressure 5PSI, high-pressure area pressure 25PSI. Air Max cushioning ability was very strong, can provide appropriateness protection to your feet and your knees, but may cause the foreclosure of machine power. This air cushion was popular in various types regarding running shoes and hockey shoes.

nike air force 1 mens The only 4-8mm thick air cushion-Zoom Air was an air cushion from a three-dimensional fabric to retain its flat shape, but not it would turn to your ball shape, with mid-air pressure of 20PSI. The damping effect with an excellent sense of site sensitive rebound effect and fantastic acceleration, Zoom Air was traditional in extensive outside hockey shoes (such as JOURNEY series, the AJ series), and speed of running footwear (such as Air lens quality Miler). Visible Zoom Air: The external visible Lens quality Air was with more significant capacity and better cushioning performance. nike air max 95 mens Turnes Air cushion had been a hemisphere-shape cushioning system which often can provide a maximum power protection, stable and comfort and ease foot feeling, the most eye-catching put was that its variable hemisphere-shape shoe body can changing mid-air pressure according to it's demand. The PBAX thermoplastic material utilised in the TN Air cushion has the advantages of a fast reflection, rubbing, and lightweight, flexible and suitable feet feeling under the proper shoes thickness, with a hemispheric body pressure of 20PSI along with a cushion pressure of 5PSI.

nike air max 97 womens The excellent performance associated with air cushion become the good power for Nike to make its new progress. That spirit of Nike custom made makes Nike surpass by itself constantly. Being a fashion leader within the shoes industry, Nike ought to contribute more. IPS originated specifically by Nike for the new damping technology associated with Air Jordan XX, through the use of 20 pieces Phylon material with different density, thickness, size and locationFeature Posts, made the relatively self-sufficient and organic complexes cylindrical zap absorber.

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